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Inner circumference: 16cm (If you need to adjust the wrist size, please contact us after making the order.)

The metal part is made of copper, the internal elastic cord is made of silicone.

The freeform shape crystal is Green Phantom Quartz. Green Phantom Quartz possesses the ability to attract wealth, making it a favorite among business people. It aids in enhancing thinking, opening the mind, and harnessing the power of wealth attraction and accumulation. It represents earned wealth through diligent efforts, signifying positive financial gains.

The beaded bracelet portion is made of gradient color Prehnite. Prehnite is an excellent gemstone for wealth, promoting financial prosperity and attracting positive income. It brings new hope and confidence to life, creating opportunities and offering a fresh start for those dissatisfied with their current situation. The green light corresponds to the heart chakra in the human body, benefiting the heart and lungs. The embedded magnet enhances the energy, boosting individual confidence and work capabilities, fostering a cheerful mood, attracting friendships, and promoting inner peace.

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