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Inner circumference: 16cm (If you need to adjust the wrist size, please contact us after making the order.)

The metal part is made of copper, the internal elastic cord is made of silicone.

This bracelet is composed of purple Azeztulite, White Phantom Quartz, and Amethyst.

Azeztulite possesses powerful emotional healing energy and can activate the crown chakra, providing clear guidance and inspiration to create new paths or opportunities, making it easier to achieve goals.

White Phantom Quartz is believed to have the power to ward off evil and dispel negative energy. Its strong energy can gather auspiciousness, ward off misfortune, and bring blessings during challenging times. Wearers can block the intrusion of unfavorable energy fields from the external environment, and even diminish or eliminate these negative energy fields. For those who frequently experience nightmares, wearing White Phantom Quartz may purify the mind, stabilize emotions, soothe overstimulated nerves, and consequently, alter sleep patterns, reducing the likelihood of nightmares and promoting pleasant dreams.

In Greek mythology, Amethyst is considered the symbolic gemstone of the mysterious vitality of the wine god, Bacchus. Legend has it that Bacchus, through Amethyst, could transform the energy of sexual love into spiritual vitality, providing significant power in addressing issues related to sexual love and finding suitable partners. In Western countries, Amethyst is regarded as the guardian stone of love, bringing honesty, chastity, courage, and confidence. It is believed to deepen romantic love between couples and spouses.


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