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Inner circumference: 17cm(If you need to adjust the wrist size, please contact us after making the order.)

The metal part is made of copper, the internal elastic cord is made of silicone.

Blue Chalcedony, also known as Lapis Lazuli, possesses the ability to absorb energy and primarily influences the right hemisphere of the brain, enhancing intuition and the subconscious, aiding in the development of potential. It carries an inherent tranquil power, capable of soothing emotions, promoting inner calm, and facilitating sleep. Simultaneously, Blue Chalcedony represents purity and steadfast love, serving as a symbol of enduring love and mutual affection.

Blue Chalcedony corresponds to the throat chakra in the human body, promoting enhanced self-expression and communication skills, while dispelling negative energies in interpersonal interactions. It acts as a protective talisman against ill-intentions and conflicts.

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