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Inner circumference: 16cm (If you need to adjust the wrist size, please contact us after making the order.)

The metal part is made of copper, the internal elastic cord is made of silicone.

This bracelet is made of Lepidolite and Rose Quartz.

Lepidolite is believed to have excellent calming and soothing effects, helping individuals alleviate tension, relax emotions, reduce stress, and fatigue. Lepidolite is also considered to balance the body and mind's energy, aiding in overcoming negative influences both internally and externally, and enhancing the body's self-healing capabilities.

Rose Quartz primarily stimulates the heart chakra, enhancing cardiovascular health. It can relax tense emotions, soothe restless moods, assist in introspection, and promote self-awareness. Emitting a gentle and appealing pink light, Rose Quartz is believed to improve interpersonal relationships, enhance social connections, and is considered an excellent tool for conducting business.

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